Peripheral Neuropathy

Are you tired of living with the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy?

If you are someone who deals with the agony of Peripheral Neuropathy, the ongoing pain, numbness and distress of the condition, there is good news available. Even if you have seen doctor after doctor, had test after test, and tried every new drug available. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP because there is a new alternative treatment that is now available for many patients, even diabetics. Even though there is no cure available, this treatment is designed to eliminate or reduce the symptons associated with Peripheral Neuropathy.

We have developed the Total Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Program. It is safe and highly effective for most types of Peripheral Neuropathy. The program includes testing for toxic chemicals, specific electrotherapy, soothing extremity and spinal mobilization as well as massage, proprietary nutritional supplementation and easy to follow home protocols. This new program is painless and usually shows improvement within the first three weeks of treatment.

This treatment is not just an improvement in the quality of your life; it's getting your normal life back!


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